Native Flutes For The Family - High Spirits Flutes

Fluting For The Family

Native flutes are a fun and easy instrument for all ages! Play together, develop creative skills, and explore new activities as a family.

Native flutes are one of easiest instruments to learn to play because they require absolutely no to play, making them a perfect musical starting point that will provide everyone soothing, endless fun! 

Choosing a Flute that Fits

 Guide To Choosing Flutes For Your Family

High Spirits Pocket Flute

Learn The Native Flute 

Teaching Kids & Young Adults
Techniques taught in this video are tailored to teaching young people. 

Learning To Play: The Basics
Techniques and tips to learning the basics need to play the native flute.

Making It All Work Together

Learn to Play - Songs For The Family
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Young Flute Players Creating Music