Great Flutes for First Time Players

The Native Flute is one of the easiest, melodic instruments to learn. One does not need any previous musical knowledge or experience. The most important element in picking your first time flute is to choose one that will allow the learning process to be easy, smooth, and fun.

Once you learn to play one of our easier, beginner-friendly instruments, you will be able to use those playing skills on most any other High Spirits flute.

All our flutes, except Pocket Flutes, include a FREE “How to Play” DVD and an easy to understand instructional booklet that has detailed teaching instructions and fingering charts; these instructional materials make the learning experience fun and playful. 

The flutes we recommend for first time players are high-quality, professional instruments. The reason we recommend these specific flutes for beginners is that their size makes them manageable for first time players. 

Anyone who has experience playing a wind instrument will be able to easily play ANY High Spirits flute.

Our flutes are created in specific tonal keys. For the most part, this is not important to a first time player unless you have the need for a specific key, we recommend that you listen to the sound samples and chose the voice of the flute that resonates best with you.

Here are our flute recommendations for first time players:

For beginners with smaller hands we recommend:

Our mid-tone flutes in the key of “A”
Our high-tone flutes in the key of "Bb"
Our high-tone flutes in the key of “B”
Our high-tone flutes in the key of “C”

The mid-tone flutes in the key of “A” have the deeper voice of these four keys, followed by the high-tones in the keys of "Bb", “B” and "C".

For beginners with medium to large hands we recommend:

Our mid-tone flutes in the key of “G” minor

The key of “G” minor is deeper in tone than the flutes suggested for those with smaller hands, and they are popular for their smooth, resonant tone.

We also offer the option of specially priced ‘Beginner Flute Packages’ that include the essential elements for a well-prepared musical journey, and are offered for our Sparrow Hawk Flutes in the key of “A” and our Red Tail Hawk Flutes in the key of “G”.

Our “Beginner Flute Packages” include the following items -

- Your choice of: our Sparrow Hawk Flute in the key of “A”   or   our Red Tail Hawk Flute in the key of “G”
- Native Spirit Vol. 1 Song Book
- Cloth Flute Bag
- Instructional DVD and Booklet