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EarthTone Flute Series

About 432Hz EarthTone Flutes

In the world of music there has been a revival of tuning instruments to lower frequencies of sound vibration.

Until recently, most musical instruments have been tuned so that the “A” note (of the middle octave on a piano) is tuned to 440 Hz (Hz = cycles per second). This is known as Concert Pitch and was established as a standard at the beginning of the 20th century.

Our EarthTone© Flutes use a 432 Hz frequency for the “A” note and all other notes are aligned accordingly. When played alongside flutes that are tuned to the frequency of 440Hz, the 432Hz tonal difference is very subtle.

Much like the subtle inflection of the human voice that can project a subtle variation in feelings, an instrument using a slight change in frequency can alter the feeling quality of the music being played. Please note, though subtle in difference, instruments tuned to 432 Hz to do not pair with instruments tuned to 440 Hz.

An instrument known as a CymaScope can project the physical geometric patterns of any specific vibration. Our EarthTone© Flutes are engraved with the geometric pattern of the 432 Hz frequency.