Learning To Play! Papago Crop Sowing Song - High Spirits Flutes

Learning To Play! Papago Crop Sowing Song

Papago Crop Sowing Song

Featuring: Signature Series Flute - key of "A"
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Little is known about the origins of the Papago Crop Sowing song except that it's been played during Spring ceremonies to honor the coming of a new growing season.

This simple and sweet song is perfect for beginning and advanced Native Flute players alike. If you have not used the “6th” hole (third fingering hole down from the top of the flute) in your playing this song is a simple introduction to using it.

Very often songs that use the 6th hole do so with a cross fingering (opening one or more fingering holes while simultaneously closing one or more other fingering holes) but in the Papago Crop Sowing Song it is used without the need to do any cross fingerings.


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