16-Inch Hand Drum: Natural - High Spirits Flutes

16-Inch Hand Drum: Natural

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Due to U.S. export laws our deer hide drums are restricted from being sent internationally; we are only able to ship drums within the U.S.

This 16-inch drum is handmade from stained deer hide and features a Indian river stone embedded into its handle.

Hand drums are both fun and easy to play! And they're a fantastic accompaniment to any of our flutes because hand drums are great at creating a rhythmic bass sound that the flute can play a melody over.

The drum's diameter helps to determine the sound of the drum. Generally, the larger the drum the deeper tone. They also offer a variety of musical tones: the outer edges have a higher tone while the center of the drum has a deeper tone.

Each custom drum features a unique stone that's worked into its centerpiece handle, providing a solid grip that connects the drum player to the intentional elements of that one-of-a-kind hand drum.
Every drum also comes with a leather-tipped drum mallet, giving the player the choice of drumming with their hand or with the wood and leather mallet.


All our hand drums are handmade by our friend Wayne Manthey in Minnesota, USA.

"This drum is alive. Just like all things, it is one of a kind. It is unique in sound and craftsmanship. It will last for many generations if treated with care." Wayne Manthey, Hand Drum Maker

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