High Spirits Flutes Cloth Blanket Bag | Color: Forest

Blanket Bag - Forest

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Our Blanket Flute Bags are constructed from durable, woven acrylic material with a modern southwestern motif, and comfortably fit a single flute.  Flute bags provide helpful protection from dents, scratches, and excessive sun exposure.

Our Blanket Bags in the color Forest feature a cool-tones palette of forest green, deep black, turquoise blue, and golden yellow. Each bag has a unique one-of-a kind pattern because of the large pieces of fabric from which they are cut.

The Blanket Bag design has a fold-over top flap which closes the bag and provides added protective padding for the body of the flute, and a lace tie secures the flap and the flute within the bag. These flute bags are durable and machine washable.

Our Blanket Bags are proudly made in Tucson, Arizona.

Blanket Bag Sizes

Small: approximately 4-inches wide; fits flutes up to 18-inches long.
Medium: approximately 4-inches wide; fits flutes up to 24-inches long.
Large: approximately 6-inches wide; fits flutes up to 30-inches long.