Flute Medicine - Music CD

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Recorded by Jan Michael Looking Wolf a Kalapuya Tribal Member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in western Oregon.  Jan Michael is a renowned Native American musician with over 20 recorded albums, and many national awards.

All the EarthTone Flutes and accompanying instruments on this album are tuned to the frequency of 432Hz, which is believed to be a frequency connected to healing. Each song is a unique meditative journey of harmony and inner peace.

1. Verdi's Harmony - Key of D
2. Raven Wind - Key of G
3. Jewel In The Lotus - Key of F#
4. Pranayama - Key of C
5. One Love - Key of B
6. Flute Is The Medicine - Key of F
7. Sacred Rain - Key of G
8. Wolf Totem - Key of E
9. EarthTone - Key of B
10. Healing Light - Key of F#
11. Daru's Journey - Key of C