High Spirits Flutes - Merlin Flute - Key of 'C' Minor Native Flute

Signature Merlin - high C - Aromatic Cedar

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Our Merlin Signature Flute in the key of 'C' minor has a responsive, musical voice that is clear, smooth, and bright.  The flute is handcrafted from Aromatic Cedar, a domestic tonal wood that gives the instrument a balance, full sound.

This flute has clear high notes, and warm, full low notes.  It is very easy to play because of its smaller size so it is perfect for someone starting their musical journey with the native flute. It is also an ideal instrument for drum circles because of its high-tone voice, which stands out from the deeper toned drums.

The Merlin is the highest octave we make in the Pentatonic key of 'C' minor, and it can also be played in the Relative Major Diatonic scale in the key of 'E'.  The Merlin 'C' is also a great accompaniment to any of our other key of 'C' minor flutes, such as our low-tone, Condor Bass 'C' flute.

Every Signature Flute is designed to be both a musical instrument as well as a piece of beautiful artwork. Our precision tuning insures that each Signature Flute is easily able to meet the requirements of any musician.  Our Signature Series flutes utilize a unique airflow design that provides exceptional responsiveness and player control, superior amplification, and makes them ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

Our Signature Merlin is 15.5 inches (39 cm) in length, with a 3/4 inch bore (1.9 cm).