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Native Spirit Vol. 2 - Digital Song Book

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This song book includes a collection of twenty Native American songs from various tribal backgrounds. These songs are beautifully simple and convey a heart felt communication with Nature.

To learn the timing of the songs, there is a music file that plays short sections of all the songs in the three main keys of "A", "G" and "F#". This book is easy to use and because of the various note combinations it is a great tool to vary one's playing style.

Beautiful Is Our Lodge
Brothers Let Us Dance
Corn Planting Song
Down the Stream
Dream Song
Honor Song for a Warrior
Hunting Song
Hush, Little One
Kima Duinah
Kwakiutl Social Dance
Lonely Is the Hogan
Muje Mukesin
Paddling Song
Rain Dance Song
Sleep, Sleep, Little One
Song of Greeting
Song of the Deer Dancing
Zuni Lullaby