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Native Spirit Song Book Vol.1

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This song book includes a collection of twenty Native American songs from various tribal backgrounds, plus "Amazing Grace". Odell has collected these Native songs over a few years time and put them together in this first volume.
This book is easy to use and because of the various note combinations it is a great tool to vary one's playing style. To learn the timing of the songs, the book includes a CD that plays short sections of all the songs in the three main keys of "A", "G" and "F#". The songs are written in both music notation and finger tablature, so if one does not read music just follow the fingering chart.
Zuni Sunrise Song
Wioste Olowan Tokiya
Sioux Spirit Dance
Forest Song
Peace Pact Song
Winnebago Love Song
Amazing Grace
Song of the World
Kiowa Love Song
Cheyenne Long Song
Lakota Love Song
Lullaby (Passamaquoddy)
Creek Lullaby
Zuni Sunset Song
Wind in the Pines
Pima Flute Song
Omaha Love Song
Papago Crop Sowing
Flute Song (Ojibway)
Deer Hunter Song

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