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Pure Passion - Digital Album

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Pure Passion is a (16) song album that captures John Bear's life experience as a Native American who had to adapt and make sense of their lives in modern culture. His Grandparents' teachings have given him the strength to find a positive role by blending traditional Native values and contemporary reality.

John is of Choctaw / Apache heritage and was taught to play the flute at an early age and used the Native flute to carry him through the many transitions of adult life. His many challenges have motivated John to participate in Pow-wow committees, as well as serving in drug and alcohol programs, playing the flute and teaching positive life practices.

John's traditional style of play expresses his connection with his family and the values they taught him. Today John composes his flute songs from his rich present day and past life experiences. The melodies are haunting, soothing and filled with his natural connection to the Native American Flute.

Album length: approximately 51 minutes.