High Spirits Flutes | Signature Woodpecker - G - Walnut Wood Flute

Signature Woodpecker Flute - G - Ebonized Walnut

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The Woodpecker bird plays an important role in the legend of the Native American Style Flute in the western United States. This flute has been the mascot for High Spirits Flutes since we began making flutes in 1990.

Our Signature Series flutes combine artistry and functionality. The flute's body is handcrafted from Ebonized Walnut and inlaid with Turquoise cabochons. Ebonized Walnut flutes are creafted from Walnut that is then ebonized through a multi-step process that involves being dipped multiple times to create the rich black woodtone, and then sealed with multiple coats of non-toxic oil. This labor-intensive process creates the high-gloss look and finish of the flute, and are the foundation of the enhanced tonal quality of the flute's voice, which is responsive, defined, and highly resonant.

All Signature Woodpecker Flutes Automatically Comes With A Free Black Branch Single Flute Stand.

Being tuned in the key of "G" minor; it can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "A♯". This flute is approximately 27-inches (69 cm) long.

Our Signature flutes utilize a unique airflow system for superior responsiveness, exceptional amplification, and a concert quality sound, which also makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of musical styles.

Our Signature Woodpecker Flute is hand-shaped and painted, features decorative Turquoise cabochons that are hand-finished into the flute's body, enhancing the decorative beauty of the musical instrument and creating handcrafted piece of functional work of art.