Interview with Tobias Tåg - High Spirits Flutes

Interview with Tobias Tåg

Posted on March 01, 2015 by Odell Borg

Odell recently interviewed musician, Tobias Tåg, by email to learn more about his music and his background. Here is what Tobias shared with Odell. Click here to watch his new music video for the song, “Fire.”


In what part of Europe do you live?

I live on the west coast of Finland near a town called Vasa; I grew up in a small countryside village. My mother tongue is Swedish because I live in the Swedish speaking part of Finland but the rest of the country speaks Finnish.

What is your musical background?

I started playing classical piano when I was 9 years old, and I practiced a lot in my teens. When I was 17-18 I really got into fantasy, medieval music and all kinds of world and folk music. I worked a lot with synthesizers back then and made my own variations of medieval and cinematic music.

Some years later I picked up the flute and began buying all kinds of flutes from all over the world. I was experimenting musically a lot, and I made all kinds of weird recordings in my home studio. In 2007 I started my own band Thoby Loth and we made our first record in 2009.

Thus far we have two records and one live recording on DVD, and now I have my YouTube channel going on. The production part of music is interesting to me, I love the process of making music, going from an idea to finished product fascinates me. I like working with instruments, gear and equipment, and I find the studio work really fun.

How best would you describe your music genre?

Hard to say…but I would describe it as rock music with folk and world music influences.

Do you travel to perform?

Currently I play 40-50 gigs a year with a folk band, and we play irish traditional music around the country. I play the flute, tin whistle, guitar and sing.

I also work with my progressive rock band, Thoby Loth. We do not play that many live shows but we have appeared on Finnish television a couple of times.

This solo project is quite new for me so I have not played any live shows yet. As soon as I have enough material I will start playing live.

Do you have any specific message that you would like to spread with your music?

I want to communicate with people through the music and my songwriting. I do what I like to do musically the most, and I hope that people will enjoy it; if people connect with my music I am happy.

What is your heritage?

As far as I know (150-200 years back) my family comes from the western part of Finland on both sides of my family so I would say I’m Northern European.

Your english is very good, where did you learn it?

I learned some English in school but I mainly learned it from watching movies and listening to music.

Do you have a family, are you married, do you have children?

I have my parents and two younger brothers but I do not have a family of my own. I’m not married and I do not have any children.

How can people stay in touch with you and your music?

I keep people informed through my YouTube channel, my personal Facebook page, and on my Instagram account. I accept friend requests on Facebook if you want to receive my updates.

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