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7 Ways To Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day

Posted on October 10, 2022 by Angela Ferdinardo

Today we honor and celebrate the immense contributions that Native American People have made to the world. We recognize the suffering they have endured, the resiliency they have demonstrated, the sacrifices they have made, and the beautiful culture they have shared with us. Today we stand united in support of our indigenous community, their rights, and freedom. 

Here are seven ways you can honor and celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day:

1. Support Indigenous businesses, authors, and artists.

One influential Native American poet to check out is Mark Turcotte. He is the author of four books of poetry. Read his poem titled "No Pie," in Exploding Chippewas, an emotional retelling of a mother and son heading off the reservation to purchase a slice of pie in a nearby town and the racism and heartache they faced. 

2. Learn the true history of Native Americans

Schools often teach the rose-colored version of Native Americans breaking bread with Pilgrims. Muting the suffering and genocide of the indigenous people, while depicting the culture as stoic and exploiting stereotypes. Indigenous People have an important history worth sharing and preserving through truth and integrity. Begin by searching for the truth, learning from the indigenous people and tribes around you, and exploring the stories and retellings of Native American authors, poets, and artists. 

3. Attend a virtual or in-person event 

Many colleges and community colleges host events to educate and shed light on the truth of the indigenous people and their culture. Tribal leaders and artists often share their stories, history, and discuss the impact of cultural appropriation. 

4. Learn to appreciate the land you live on

Research the indigenous history of where you live and show your appreciation by doing something kind for the environment. Give life by planting a tree that symbolizes your respect and gratitude for both the earth and Native American history. 

5. Join the fight to end racist mascots

Athletic institutions often ignore the insensitive and disturbing exploitations of indigenous people. The National Congress of American Indians sheds light on this subject while striving to end the era of harmful mascots. 

6. Share the truth with your children

There are many children's books introducing children to indigenous history and culture that they will not learn about through mainstream media and textbooks. Visit your local library or search online for children's books written by Native American authors that strive to tell the truth. 

7. Learn to play the Native American Style Flute

Native flutes have a long history beginning with the indigenous people. Native American Style Flute music provides relaxation, fosters musical creativity, and shares a musical culture rich in history and beauty. 

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