Songs of Gratitude - High Spirits Flutes

Songs of Gratitude

Posted on April 01, 2020 by Jonah Mulski

Songs of Gratitude

It is time to slow down, to breath and reflect, time to honor the gifts in each day, time to pick up a flute and play:

A song for the trees, their gift of wood. A song for the plants, their gift in each breath. A song for the birds and their flute in your hands.

A song for water as she quenches all thirst. A song for the sun, the warm rays on the earth. A song for the moon and her nurturing embrace.

A song for the ocean, may we express our emotions. A song for the river, may we learn how to flow. A song for the dirt, may we know where we go.

A song for the mother, the gift of life. A song for the father, the gift of grounding. A song for the children, their laughter in our ears. A song for the elders, their wisdom in years.

A song for tears, the gift of vulnerability. A song for fears, the gift of surrendering. A song for joy, the gift of ease. A song for the silence that allows us to sing.

A song for life, the gift of twoness. A song for death, the gift of oneness. A song for love, the gift of connection and a song for your song, a gift of sweet expression.

- Jonah Mulski