Thank you for your appreciation! - Sharing Music, Finding Connection - Free Flute Giveaway

Posted on April 01, 2020 by Odell Borg

We want to send out a huge THANK YOU! for all the appreciation we have received for offering this free flute giveaway. We believe that music has the power to heal and create a deep feeling of connection and we are grateful for the opportunity to help people experience that in a time of need. And we want to acknowledge the disappointment that some folks are feeling that the flutes have been sold out so quickly each day. We too are disappointed that we can’t give free flutes to everyone who is excited to receive one. When we created this flute giveaway we thought that giving less flutes away each day for lots of days would be more effective than giving all the flutes away at once. We did not realize that the fifty flutes/day would be gone in less than five minutes. With this new insight we have decided to offer all the remaining flutes at once so that there is a longer period of opportunity for each of you on that day.

In the spirit of spreading the magic, healing and joy of music, we deeply appreciate your understanding.