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Why The Key Of 'A'

Posted on October 31, 2022 by Angela Ferdinardo

A common question is: what's the best flute for a beginner....?
The answer is the key of 'A'!

We are absolutely confident that anyone who has the desire to play a musical instrument (even with no musical experience) can be successful with any of our easy-to-play, key of 'A' flutes. This includes all our Spirits Flutes in the key of 'A'!

Our Spirit Flutes are extra versatile because of their unique design, which utilizes a fixed plate and a shorter length, making them ideal for any new flute player who wants to travel and adventure with their flute.

We want you to find success and ease as you begin your flute-playing journey! From 30 years of experience, we know the key of 'A' is the perfect flute for any beginner because we've celebrated thousands of new players succeeding at the start of their flute-playing journey.

New players are often deeply drawn to the beautiful, low tones of our Bass Flutes! Their enchanting, meditative sound is so compelling that new players often choose a Bass Flute as their first flute; but what you might not know is that to create those incredible bass tones, the flute must be longer, larger, and have bigger fingering holes, and those exact characteristics are the complete opposite of what makes a flute easy to learn to play.

Our key of 'A' flutes are just the right size for any beginner. Not too small like our high tone flutes, which take more breath control, and not too large like our bass tone flutes, which take more dexterity.

All of our key of 'A' flutes are mid-tone flutes, which are well-sized for new players because they are a perfect balance physically and musically from our high tone and bass tone flutes.

Now....we want to remind you that the key of 'A' is the perfect starting place....not the final destination! So our approach is to encourage you to master the key of 'A' to provide a solid foundation for building skill and advancing to whatever size flute your heart and mind desire.

A little patience and practice with our beginner-friendly key of 'A' paves the way to success with our Bass Flutes, step-by-step!

Throughout this holiday season, our key of 'A' flutes are the perfect gift and value for anyone who wants to join a musical community! Together we can share our unique musical voices with loved ones and the world because music inspires celebration, soothes hardships, spreads joy, and creates peace and relaxation.

Here's more helpful information about our key of 'A' flutes and why they are our flute of choice for all beginners -

Ease of Playing

The key of 'A' is the easiest Native American Style Flute to play because of its smaller size and finger placement. Each hole is smaller and closer together making it ideal for beginners, children, and those with smaller hands. We cover the third hole from the stop with a leather tie to make the flute even easier to play. However, this gives the option to use it as a six-hole or five-hole flute. In contrast, a base flute strains the hands and is more difficult to play due to its large size. 


Our Spirit Flute Key of 'A' is made out of Spanish Cedar wood, which is lightweight and easy to hold. Spanish Cedar is a softwood that gives the flute a deep and rich musical voice, with warm high notes, and firm low tones. The short mouthpiece minimizes moisture buildup and creates ample back pressure for clarity on the higher register notes. 


Providing high-quality flutes at an affordable price is important to us. We understand that a flute is an investment and we want to provide lasting value to your collection. Our Spirit Flute Key of 'A' offers a beautiful design, rich sound, and easy travel. Sealed with non-toxic oils, our flutes are affordable without sacrificing quality.