High Spirits Flutes 32-Year Anniversary Calendar & History

High Spirits Flutes 32-Year Anniversary Calendar & History

Posted on November 07, 2022 by Angela Ferdinardo

Every year we release a different calendar theme featuring diverse landscapes throughout Arizona paired with our flutes. This year for our thirty-two-year anniversary, we decided to take you back to a blast in the past and feature our classic flutes. Our Classic Arizona calendar combines classic and old-school images such as the Route 66 old-fashioned gas station, with our classic flutes.

Thirty-Two years ago, Odell began selling High Spirits Flutes out of his truck and at art festivals. His inspiration began in 1988 when he received his first Native Flute for Christmas. Immediately, he experienced the joy it brought to his life. In 1990, Odell was going through a difficult time and was struggling to rebuild himself. During this time a friend reminded him that he had always been a craftsman and to explore making his own flutes. 

They say it takes a village, and that is exactly what Odell had. He had support and mentorship from his friends who helped guide him through the woodworking process. On his first attempt, he created four aromatic cedar flutes in the key of "F#." Odell was overwhelmed with the blessing of having to been able to successfully create the instrument that brought him so much solace. Odell knew he wanted to share the Native American Style Flute with as many people as he possibly could. 

For further reading on Odell's story visit our blog titled Odell Borg - The History Of His First Handmade Flutes.

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