Signature Migration Bass - E - Aromatic Cedar - High Spirits Flutes

Signature Migration Bass - E - Aromatic Cedar

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The Migration is handcrafted from Aromatic Cedar, which we consider to be an exceptional tonal wood that gives the flute's voice a fine balance between warmth and clarity.  The flute is also inlaid Turquoise cabochons that reflect the Native American cultural view that like all things in nature have life.

The original inspiration for our Migration Signature Flute was from the Sandhill Cranes that migrate by their thousands to Southern Arizona each year.  During the winter season the Sandhill Cranes come south to enjoy the temperate climate, and the vision of witnessing hundreds of large birds flying and grazing was so awe inspiring.

The Migration Signature in the key of 'E' minor is 25-inches (63 cm) in length with a 1-inch bore diameter, a more compact bore diameter than our Traditional bass flutes, which some players may find easier to play.

The flute is a bass flute tuned in the key of "E" minor and can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "G major". 

Our Signature Series flutes combine artistry and functionality, as beautiful objects and musical instruments. These flutes have a unique design that provides exceptional  responsiveness, player-control, and amplification through superior airflow, making them ideal for concert performances, experienced players, and professional musicians, and any genre of music.