Flute Medicine - Digital Album - High Spirits Flutes

Flute Medicine - Digital Album

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FLUTE MEDICINE is an (11) song album that features a diverse tapestry of musical styles, blending the Native American Style Flute with other world music instruments, creating an soothing native flute album that calms the mind and refreshes the imagination.

Recorded by Native American musician, Jan Looking Wolf using only High Spirits 432 Hz EarthTone Flutes FLUTE MEDICINE highlights the musical flexibility of the native flute. Jan Looking Wolf, is a member of the Kalapuya Tribe of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in western Oregon.

Though the difference between our flutes tuned to 432 Hz (versus 440 Hz) is subtle, the tonal difference is similar to the subtleties of inflection in the human voice that project nuance and feeling.

Album length: approximately 31 minutes.


1 Verdi's Harmony - key of bass D
Aromatic Cedar flute with acoustic guitar; named after the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi who was thought to have preferred the 432 Hz tuning pitch. 
2 Raven Wind - key of G    
3 Jewel in the Lotus  - key of F#
Aromatic Cedar flute with Tibetan drums and chimes.
4 Pranayama - key of bass C
Walnut flute; the song is centered on Pranayama, the Hindu concept of life force.
5 One Love  - key of high B
Oak flute with acoustic guitar and Caribbean drums.
6 Flute is the Medicine - key of F#
Aromatic Cedar double flute with heartbeat drums.

7 Sacred Rain - key of G
8 Wolf Totem - key of high C
Aromatic Cedar flute with Native American percussion.
9 EarthTone - key of high B
Oak flute; song celebrates the concept of 432 Hz sound healing.
10 Healing Light - key of F#
Aromatic Cedar double flute with Guitars
11 Daru's Journey - key of high C
Oak flute with Bagpipes; Daru is an ancient Celtic word for the place of the sacred oak tree.

1. Verdi's Harmony - Key of D
2. Raven Wind - Key of G
3. Jewel In The Lotus - Key of F#
4. Pranayama - Key of C
5. One Love - Key of B
6. Flute Is The Medicine - Key of F
7. Sacred Rain - Key of G
8. Wolf Totem - Key of E
9. EarthTone - Key of B
10. Healing Light - Key of F#
11. Daru's Journey - Key of C