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Nature's Art Signature - high F♯ - Quilted Maple (Final Sale)

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Our Signature Nature's Art flute in the key of high 'F♯' has a musical voice that is clear and bright. It is handcrafted from domestic Quilted Maple hardwood and features Walnut wood accents. Every Signature Flute is designed to be both a musical instrument as well as a piece of beautiful artwork.

Our precision tuning insures that each Signature Flute is easily able to meet the requirements of any musician. Our Signature Series utilizes a unique airflow design that provides exceptional responsiveness as well as player control, in addition to superior amplification, which also makes them ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

This flute is the highest octave in the key of "F♯" minor we make and can also be played in the relative major diatonic scale in the key of "A". This flute is 15-inches (38 cm) in length, and great for beginners.