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LIBRA - Astrology Spirit Flute (Final Sale)

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Our Libra Spirit Flute 440 Hz in the key 'A' minor is handcrafted from Spanish Cedar, a softwood that gives the flute a deep and rich musical voice, with warm high notes, and firm low notes. 

This flute is 14.0 inches (35.6 cm) long. This is a six hole flute. We automatically include a leather hole cover with this flute, which can be used on the third hole from the top of the flute, as seen in the product's images. Covering the third hole from the top makes the flute easier to learn to play. The leather hole cover can easily be untied and removed, giving the flute player the option of playing the instrument as either a five hole flute or a six hole flute.

The Libra astrological sign is related to those born between September 23rd and October 22nd. People born under the Libra sign tend to be fair-minded, diplomatic, and gracious.  

Our Libra Spirit Flute is embellished with a 6mm Moonstone cabochon, and engravings of the sign's name, date range, and the traditionally used Libra symbol. 

Learn more about the Libra astrological sign.