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Vegan Seven Flute Chakras Package (final sale)

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FINAL SALE PACKAGE - Sound Quality Guaranteed
Our Seven Chakras Flute Package was envisioned as a complete sound healing 'tool kit' for all to use. These Chakra Spirit Flutes are easy to play (or learn to play,) they offer beautiful tonal resonance, and provide exceptional acoustic amplification in wide variety of musical keys tuned to the frequency of 440 Hz. Each flute also features decorative stone inlays that coordinated with the color spiritually associated with that specific chakra center.

None of these flutes come with our traditional leather hole covers.

Each flute in the package is tuned to the specific musical key that metaphysically corresponds with the energetic sound-center associated with that that chakra. All our flutes are made in the USA, and lovingly handcrafted in our southern Arizona woodshop.

Listen To Each Chakra Flute Sound Sample

For over 30-years we have been handcrafting flutes from single pieces of Aromatic Cedar, what we call Uni-Body construction. Over the decades we have become adept at choosing planks of wood that exhibit the natural characteristics to create incredibly sounding wind instruments. Aromatic Cedar is particularly unique as it comes in a wide range of colors, from ginger-orange to burgundy-red. It can have what is called Sapwood, which are sections of wood color that are a striking pale yellow that showcase the absolute unique natural beauty of Aromatic Cedar.

Every flute we make is unique piece of functional art. When you choose one of our Aromatic Cedar flutes we guarantee is high-quality sound, its flawless craftmanship, and its one-of-a-kind features created by nature.


Crown Chakra
Key of high B minor

Third Eye Chakra
Key of mid-tone A minor

Throat Chakra
Key of mid-tone G minor

Heart Chakra
Key of mid-tone F# minor

Solar Plexus Chakra
Key of bass E minor

Sacral Chakra
Key of bass D minor

Root Chakra
Key of high C minor

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