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Southern Migration - Digital Album

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This (13) song album created by Zach Farley was inspired to create this flute journey by the extraordinary migration that the Sand Hill Cranes undertake each year to the wetlands in Southern Arizona. These large majestic birds travel thousands of miles each year and along the way they stop to dance on the plains of Southern Arizona, just east of Zach's hometown.

"For years my wife and I have visited the plains just east of Patagonia, Arizona, to see the migration of the Sand Hill Cranes. It was while watching these beautiful birds dance that the title Southern Migration came to me. Every time I see them I am overwhelmed with feelings of majesty and grace; I created this music project to inspire those same feelings in others."

From beginning to end, Southern Migration is a journey filled with inspirational melodies you are sure to love.

Album length: approximately 53 minutes.