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Odell's Signature Flute Series

Posted on November 30, 2015 by Odell Borg

The Signature Flute Series had its beginning when we identified all the qualities of the ideal tonal combinations in a flute and how to achieve that consistently. When listing the qualities, the first thing that came up was clarity of voice, which included warmth and fullness on the low notes as well as clean, clear high notes. The notes needed to be stable (not break easily) and have ample amplitude (volume). When fingering, it was important for the notes to be naturally responsive; when going from one note to another, the transition is noticeably quick and precise.


After much experimentation, we found that reducing air turbulence was at the heart of achieving these qualities. We changed the internal air chamber, expanded the bore diameter to be 1 inch, and added many more steps to the finishing process to increase the wood’s vibration. These steps turned out to be time consuming, thereby increasing the cost of the flute.   The result was to create the Signature Flute Series.


Since this series was going to be more costly, I felt that we also needed to enhance the overall look of the flute and limit production, creating one hundred of each unique design.




Even though I am very proud of our Signature Flutes, they are not for everyone. What I may consider the perfect flute only comes from my experience and personal perspective. Accordingly, every flute-player has their preference in tonal quality, vibration and resonance. Some of us like the warm, breathy tones of an unfinished bare wood instrument or the earthy quality of a bamboo or river cane flute. The choosing of an instrument may be as simple and personal as instantly connecting with it and the comfort it provides when playing. Others are personally connected to a specific flute maker.


There are numerous reasons why and how we choose a flute. What is most important is that we are playing and creating music. Doing so produces a vibration and intention that is healing, rejuvenating and brings peace to our selves, our personal environment, and ultimately to the planet.


Each year the holiday season brings back the memories that began my flute journey. My first flute was a Christmas present back in 1987 and it turned out to be a most fortuitous gift, not only because it ultimately motivated me to become a flute craftsman, but also because it changed my life profoundly. The ability to express myself through an instrument gave me comfort and the freedom to express my feelings creatively. My wish for you all is that you may find the same comfort when playing your music throughout this joyous season and beyond.


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