High Spirits Flutes Twenty-Five Years, And Into The Future

25 Years - And Into The Future

Posted on December 31, 2015 by Odell Borg

Happy New Year - Red Votive CandlesThis year I am again reminded that what really matters is the heart's expression through music.  The Native flute is a wonderful medium through which the heart finds expression of our deepest feelings. 2015 has been an expansive year for the Native Flute. I have been contacted by flute enthusiasts all over this country and world wide sharing their touching stories of connection to this special instrument.  It has brought joy and healing to the individual players and has led some on altruistic paths of service to others, from facilitation of workshops to playing to those in need of comfort.

Looking forward, I see that the world needs our positive intentions and heartfelt actions. Music is one of the most powerful means of expression for our prayers and co-creative abilities.  A spiritual teacher made me aware that we never know the influence of our daily actions. As such, each moment can be a sacramental offering. So when any of us plays a song created from our hearts, we must trust the positive ripple we have put into this sea of existence.

My New Year intentions are to play more, stay healthy, care for others and make choices that lead to contentment.   I wish that for all of you.  Thank you for being a part of this passionate and heart felt flute community.  You all make a difference!!!

- Odell Borg

Odell Borg - Founder of High Spirits Flutes