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Odell the Grandfather!

Posted on September 29, 2017 by Odell Borg

Jonah and Megan

I never thought much about being a grandfather until about six months ago when I found out that my son and his wife are pregnant. According to the sonogram, it is a girl. She will be joining us in early October, and my overwhelming feelings about this prospect have taken me completely by surprise. Imagining my relationship and the desire to interact with her have filled me with joy and loving anticipation.

My granddaughter

At the core of my feelings lies the possibility to be more conscious and present with this child then I was with when I was raising my children. I recall just being in a subtle survival mode and having single-minded focused on the daily tasks of making a living for my family. I am clear that I loved my children and of course interacted with them. Looking back, I regret not being more available and intimately getting to know them. Fortunately, that came later in our relationship.

In anticipation of this sweet being coming into our lives, I am experiencing feelings of love and gratitude. To be given a chance to be present and experience the miracle of a new being touching our hearts and us touching hers. To do it thru different eyes and with a better understanding of what is really important.

I am very joyful to be sharing this with you because there are moments I just want to shout from the rooftop - “I am so excited to be a grandfather!"