Nature as Medicine - High Spirits Flutes

Nature as Medicine

Posted on July 21, 2017 by Odell Borg

Today we got our first monsoon showers and as you can see, it is showing off.  My walks among the trees, grasses, rocks, and critters is a magical way of washing off the challenges of the day.  My four-legged companions remind me to be present.  They have the skill of being wonderfully, joyfully in the moment. They remind us to Be Here Now and unconditional in our caring toward one another.

           Zola, Luna, and Hans.

I have learned that the best medicine to relieve stress, anxiety and the ever-workings of my mind, is getting outside.  It is so simple and yet hard to remember when I need it most.  When I am out of sorts a walk in the hills, a local park, or view of the stars, seems to change my perspective.  These connections quickly awaken me to the bigger perspective that I am grateful to be alive and right this very moment, all is well.